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Why You NEED a Bridal Session | Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

Many of my potential brides come to me with the same question: "What is a bridal/formal session? And why do I need it?"

First of all, let me explain. A bridal (or formal) session is basically like a bonus session, similar to your engagement session but if your wedding attire. It's separate from the wedding day, and allows you the chance to enjoy each other without the stress of the wedding day. Not to mention the INCREDIBLE photos you'll get from your photographer!

So if that doesn't convince you, here are a few things to consider when you're trying to decide whether or not to do a bridal session.


Let's be real. Wedding days are always crazy. There are so many things you're thinking about, namely trying to make sure that everything happens when you want it and that nothing's missed. Sometimes that means you don't get a lot of time by yourselves to just enjoy each other on your wedding day. Bridal sessions give you that time, and you can relish being together in your wedding clothing without the wedding day stress.


Because who doesn't want this? You've spent so much time finding the PERFECT dress, the PERFECT suit, the tie, the shoes, the jewelry, everything. Why not give yourself another opportunity to put it all on and feel like a king and queen?


I have no doubt your ceremony location is gorgeous. But why not get your pictures done in another special place? There are many beautiful places in the world that you can't bring a whole wedding party to, but that would be easy for you to visit with just your photographer. Places you can hike to, boat to, helicopter to, you name it. This is a great idea if you've always loved those incredible and scenic bridal photos you see on Pinterest.

If you do it BEFORE your wedding:


Maybe you want to do a first look with your groom before the day of your ceremony. Trying to squeeze it in can be a little stressful, and you might just not have time. Doing it beforehand lets your photographer stage it perfectly as well, since you'll have a little extra time.


If you're worried about what your hair and makeup will look like and want to do a test run with your HMUA (hair and makeup artist), this is the perfect time to do it! Plus, you'll look extra stunning in your pictures.


Also a great time to notice any weirdness about your dress: weird loose spots, pinches, or anything that needs to be altered. The last thing you want is to notice something uncomfortable on your wedding day and not be able to fix it.

If you do it AFTER your wedding:


The stress of the wedding is OVER. But why not keep celebrating? For all the reasons above -- and then some -- you will love revisiting not only your wedding attire, but the excitement and emotions of your wedding day. And what better way to celebrate finally being husband and wife?


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