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Valentine's Styled Wedding | Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

I know I'm a little late here (since Valentine's Day was over a month ago) but I had to wait until this shoot was PUBLISHED (I know, I can't believe it) by Utah Bride & Groom before I posted. But now I can, and I'm so so excited to share!

Every time I get a new idea for a styled shoot, I tell myself it will be easy, that it will be inexpensive, and that it will take no time at all. And by the time the shoot happens I'm at my wit's end, dashing from place to place to get everything put together at the last second. But let me tell you, it is always, ALWAYS worth it. Especially in this case.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with Valentine's Day. Sure, it's a day for love, but it always seemed a bit cheesy to me. One of my high school teachers used to call it Sugar-Coated, Chocolate-Covered, Pink-Infested Singles' Awareness Day. And who could blame him? I think a lot of my dislike of the holiday comes from the cheesy red-and-pink foil decorations you can find at every store. It's just... cheesy. And uninspiring.

Fortunately for me, I have a mom who loves being creative with holiday decorations. Some years ago, she decided her new Valentine's Day colors were going to be pink and turquoise, and thus my inspiration for this styled shoot was born! I wanted something beautiful and classic that screamed Valentine's Day without turning into a mess of red and pink (seriously, those colors together make my brain hurt). So I went with pink and gold and blue, and I literally could not be happier that my location had a dark blue wall. Take a look at the gallery below, and you might just have to change your Valentine's Day colors too! :)

Published by Utah Bride & Groom

Venue: White Space Studio

Models: Morgan & Brent Weller

HMUA: Beauty by Ry

Dress: Ooh La La Dress Rentals

Tux: Mr. Tux

Invitations: Lindsay Clement Photography & Design

Flowers: Jocelyn's Floral

Cake: Sarah Gets Baked

Cupcakes: Sweet Tooth Fairy

Ring: Morgan Jewelers


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