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Thira | Halloween Portraits | St. George Utah Photographer

Happy Halloween, witches! This is my second-favorite holiday, only inches behind Christmas. I just love the Fall colors, the crispness in the air, and all things SPOOKY. I spend the whole month obsessing over all things orange and watching every Halloween movie possible in 31 days. Even as I write this blog post, I'm watching one of the best Halloween movies of all time: Hocus Pocus. Nothing beats Bette Midler and bad 1993 special effects!

In true Lindsay fashion, I just had to do a Halloween photoshoot because I'm obsessed. Luckily one of my favorite beautiful ladies, Thira, had the same idea. We made a day of it and drove up American Fork Canyon, finding what may have been the most perfect location possible for our vision! Fall colors, a river, and some perfect barren tree trunks.

A few amazing things about this shoot: first, all these props were purchased or MADE by Thira. Yes, she crumpled up all the pages of that book herself! Also, she hand-stitched every bead on the bodice of her dress. My fingers hurt just thinking about it. But doesn't it look incredible?! And we definitely made up all the symbols we drew on her arms. Could they have meant something? Who knows. I just know that I pulled an idea for one of them from some symbols on The Vampire Diaries.

I'm going to spend the night eating so much candy and proudly sporting my Gryffindor tie. We'll see if I actually open the door for trick-or-treaters, or if I just end up leaving a bowl of candy on the front porch! :)


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