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New Year's Resolutions | Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

It's that time again - time to share my New Year's Resolutions! And let's be honest, these things are HARD, man. For some reason we've decided every year that we need to completely change who we are and make huge lifestyle changes overnight. But that's so impossible.

My goal this year isn't to immediately start changing, but to make small changes throughout the year so I can get to where I want to be. The problem is, when we try to make huge changes right away we fail, and then we stop trying because we've fallen off the wagon so quickly. I'll admit that's one of my biggest weaknesses as a chronic perfectionist. One of my biggest goals this year is to not give up. Just because I have a bad day (or a bad week) doesn't mean that I've failed and that I can't do it. I can! Persistence is key. Maybe I should write that on my bathroom mirror.

Now without further ado, here are a few of my biggest resolutions for 2019!


This is literally the dream! And even if the destination is only the next state over, I'm down. Travel is a passion of mine and I hope to one day make destination weddings a huge part of my business.


Am I the only person who is terrible with managing their own time? Instead of getting a ton done in a short amount of time, I spread it out over the whole day and end up working all night. This year I'm setting work hours! Sure, there may be 12 a day, but I'll still stop when I want to!


Yes, ten. I could probably make it 20 if I wanted to. I have SO MUCH STUFF. I want my life to be simpler and calmer and much more organized, so it's time to start purging. Thrift stores are going to love me!


Yes, yes, I know. I sound like everyone else at the beginning of the New Year. But it's totally necessary after three months of candy and food-based holidays! I do this at the beginning of every year so I can be ready for swimsuit season.


How silly does this sound? But really. I have a terrible habit of not cleaning for a few days and suddenly our house is a gigantic mess. But if I would just clean a little every day, it would never be that way. So here's to a more organized 2019!

I wish you all the best of luck with your 2019 resolutions! I'll be checking in with myself periodically to make sure I haven't given up.

Oh and one more thing, isn't my Bloom Daily Planner the cutest?? I ordered it from Amazon and am totally in love. No, I'm not a sponsor. I'm just gushing because I love sharing my favorite things!


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