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Nate & Britta | Provo Utah Wedding Photographer | Provo City Center Temple

I had the amazing opportunity to be a second shooter for Hannah Nichols Photography and assist her as a Provo Utah Wedding Photographer. There is something so special about being able to share in a day with another photographer - I love learning from them and seeing their perspectvie.

Nate and Britta's wedding day was beautiful, though not in the typical way - it was stormy and raining, but I actually LOVE gray clouds! I could have stayed out in the weather all day, but we weren't about to let the bride and groom get rained on! Hannah and the family were so efficient with their photos, we got through them all in only about 15 minutes! For anyone who has done full family pictures after a wedding, you know how challenging that can be. But they rocked it!

One of my favorite things about wedding days is seeing families together, hugging and laughing at jokes that I don't understand. There is something so amazing to me about large groups coming together to celebrate a single shared love. It's literally a highlight of my life, and I get to be a part of it every time I shoot a wedding. It's a dream come true!

Lead Photographer: Hannah Nichols Photography


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