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Morgan & Brent | Christmas Couples Photoshoot | St. George Couples Photographer

Morgan & Brent are two of my favorite people to shoot with. First of all, they're crazy photogenic. Second, they are so sweet and so fun and SO in love! Every time I get a chance to shoot with them I jump at the opportunity.

We started this shoot desperately wanting to find a Christmas tree farm. Unfortunately, St. George is a little too desert-y and definitely not abundant in Christmas trees, so we started in front of some adorable storefronts on Santa Clara Drive. (If you haven't driven down this road, you should. It's the cutest.) Being the natural light outdoor photographer that I am, I usually find myself in the middle of bushes and lakes, not in front of buildings in the city. Instead of avoiding bugs, I was avoiding cars (because, naturally, I had to go into the street to get the best photos!) and making sure they didn't show up in reflections of any of the windows. It ended up being such a perfect location and I'm a little bit in love.

When we started our session, Morgan & Brent told me that they had seen a few rows of trees at Star Nursery, so naturally we had to check it out. Let me tell you - it was PERFECT. The trees were bright green and so full and they made me a little sad that we just have a dinky old fake tree. I wanted to bundle one up and take it home with me! The atmosphere and adorable cuteness of this couple made me so happy to shoot with them as their St. George Couples Photographer!



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