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Mindy & Taylor | Shangri-la Event Center Wedding | Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

Okay, friends. Let me just tell you that I am SO behind on blogging, it's not even funny. So this is the start what I hope will be like, two months of blogging multiple times a week. You've been warned.

Let's start with Mindy & Taylor's beautiful wedding at Shangri-la Event Center in September. I'll say this: Shangri-la is one of my favorite wedding venues in Southern Utah. It has a beautiful pond filled with swans, multiple gazebos, both indoor and outdoor spaces, and an amazing dock with twinkle lights that sparkle at night. Plus it's secluded, which gives you a perfect private getaway to celebrate your special day!

Mindy & Taylor were such a joy to photograph, and their wedding day was absolutely perfect. They had a huge group of family and friends there to celebrate with them, which made the party so much fun. It also made for one crazy time trying to get that group photo!

After their simple afternoon ceremony, the couple spent a few hours relaxing with their friends and family while I carefully stalked the swans so I could get pictures of them. Not easy to do, my friends. Luckily for me, once the chocolate fountains were brought out and guests started to congregate, the ducks and swans decided to investigate the people instead. The kids were all living for it.

Their reception included an adorable game that tested Mindy & Taylor's knowledge of each other: the DJ would ask a question (such as "Who made the first move?") and the bride and groom would hold up his or her shoe to give their answer. It was a hit, and honestly I'm impressed at how invested everyone was with the answers!

The night was filled with tons of dancing, laughs, and cake-smearing, and I loved every second of it as Mindy & Taylor's Southern Utah Wedding Photographer.


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