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Mindy & Taylor | Pine Valley Engagements | Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

It's FINALLY HAPPENING. Fall wedding season is just around the corner! And when I say that, I mean, in TWO DAYS. Starting with these two cuties!

This was only my second shoot at Pine Valley (even though I've lived in Southern Utah for over a year now) and I loved being surrounded by so much green! Though I will admit that greens feel a little bit strange to me now. They sure give me a run for my money when I'm editing; give me all that red rock!

I met Mindy & Taylor for the first time just two months ago at their engagement session. They were newly engaged and completely, totally, and utterly IN LOVE. It always makes my heart happy to see these adorable couples for the first time and to see how much fun they have together. That was one of the first things I noticed about these two: they aren't afraid to have fun, be crazy, and make the moment count.

Mindy & Taylor were literally a photographer's dream come true. I hardly had to tell them to do anything! They posed themselves, made each other laugh, and were overall just incredibly adorable. We got along so well and loved traipsing through the undergrowth to get the perfect shots with that gorgeous golden hour light! I can't even believe their wedding is only TWO DAYS AWAY, and I'm so excited to join them as their Southern Utah Wedding Photographer!


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