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Janis | Valentine's Day Portraits | Southern Utah Photographer

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun this Valentine's day shoot was!

First of all, it has been AGES since I've been able to do a shoot just for fun. Wedding season is amazing and I love it, but it doesn't allow for a lot of "me" time to recharge my creative juices. This is exactly what I needed to put some pep in my step again!

Second, Janis is an absolutely ADORABLE and INCREDIBLE model. She did her own hair and makeup as was just stunning, don't you think?! We had so much fun making a few fun Valentine's concepts come to life, from a red heart balloon to conversation hearts to stick-on jewels. We may have also created Janis' Bachelorette portrait - scroll to the rose pictures and you'll see what I mean ;)

Whenever I'm feeling creatively stagnant, this is my favorite way to have fun and relax into some new ideas. Creating Valentine's portraits and getting to know Janis was such a great way to spend the day before Valentine's Day, and pictures like this are why I love being a Southern Utah Photographer!


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