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In-n-Out Photoshoot | Southern Utah Photographer | Lindsay Clement Photography & Design

As a photographer, I am constantly being bombarded with inspiration. Whether it's Pinterest, Instagram, Buzzfeed articles, or Facebook groups, there are so many incredible photos out there. It's insane.

That being said, while scrolling through endless photos, I have come up with what I call my Photography Bucket List - photoshoots I want to do before I die. These are the types of photoshoots I often do between all my weddings to give my creativity a little boost. In this case, I checked off a shoot that seems to be a staple of every photographer's portfolio: In-n-Out!

First of all, would you believe that these two beautiful models had never met each other until this shoot?! You would absolutely never guess by looking at these photos that this was their first meeting, but we al got along and partied like we had known each other for ages. This is such a magical thing about photography - we all get to let loose and have a little fun!

Though the day was hot and we were all a little melty, it was so fun to play and experiment with unique angles and poses, and to incorporate some DELICIOUS food (you better believe we ate it all). The In-n-Out employees were so nice to let us play around, and even let us take a photo at their front counter!

I love being able to be creative with photoshoots, especially when involving food. Or anything fun and different, for that matter. One of the many reasons I love being a Southern Utah Photographer!


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