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Earnshaw Family Portraits | Dixie Rock | Southern Utah Family Photographer

Nothing makes me happier than when my friends ask me to take their photos! The Earnshaws have become such amazing friends to us since the hubby started medical school, an I'm totally obsessed with how cute they are. Especially their adorable 3-year-old, Eleanor!

Pioneer Park is probably my favorite place in Southern Utah for family portraits. It's right in town, easy to access, and it features the gorgeous red rock that the area is known for. Plus it has a ton of different backdrops, so there is always awesome variety!

This cute family is a perfect example of how to make the red rocks look GOOD. Taylor had Eleanor practice her smiles and fake laughs in the mirror before our session, and she was the most well-behaved, photogenic 3-year-old I have ever photographed. At one point, she was even my little helper. While I was posing Taylor and Lance, she kept telling them what to do: "LAUGH!" "KISS! ON CHEEK!" We were all CRACKING up. They were so fun and full of sunshine, and I loved being their Southern Utah Family Photographer!


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