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Doyel Family Portraits | Gunlock Reservoir | Southern Utah Family Photographer

It's only taking 100 years, but I'm finally able to catch up with blogging some of my amazing shoots from earlier this year, starting with the adorable Doyel family!

Steven goes to medical school with my husband, so I met Rachel at one of our many med school wife get togethers. Let's just say we bonded very quickly over our love for books, Harry Potter, and TV shows. She may be a Slytherin while I'm a Gryffindor, but who says we can't be friends? ;)

The falls at Gunlock were a rare treat this year in Southern Utah and, like so many others, the Doyels wanted to capture their family portraits there before the falls dried up! Luckily we were there on a day that had a few threatening storm clouds, so the crowds were significantly smaller than usual. This was also a good thing because their cute son, Nate, insisted on running off to explore every few seconds. Since we didn't want him falling in, much of the session was spent following his lead: crouching by the water, crawling through the sand, and tossing him up in the air. It made for some wonderful, adorable shots, and I loved being able to capture them as the Doyels' Southern Utah Family Photographer!

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