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Courtney & Tim | Joshua Tree Engagements | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Thank goodness for couples who are adorable and flexible and willing to change locations at the last minute because our planned spot is unexpectedly closed.

Courtney & Tim scheduled their engagement session at a beautiful hidden gem off I-15, but when I got there the road leading to it was blocked off. I seriously about had a heart attack! I then had to speed away to find service so I could call them before they arrived (because of course there's no service at those hidden gems).

Luckily for us, there was another similar location a few miles away and these two are the coolest. I was so worried about having to change the location so last-minute, but they jumped right in and NAILED IT. I loved the session so much because they were completely themselves and spent the hour having fun together, whether it was dancing in the sunlight or kissing as many times as they told them to. I can't wait to join them this weekend at their wedding as their Las Vegas Wedding Photographer!


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