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Corpse Bride Styled Photoshoot | St. George Utah Photographer

Once upon a time when I was 13, I threw a Halloween party for my friends. We spent the whole time eating treats and pretending to play the violin part in "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." I desperately wanted to buy The Nightmare Before Christmas to watch at my party, but sadly I couldn't find it anywhere. So I bought Corpse Bride instead. And let me tell you, it changed my life.

This is me with my Halloween dance date my senior year of high school. Everyone asked me all night why I looked so sad.

I developed a serious LOVE for Corpse Bride. It's beautiful, it's creepy, it's adorable, and it's hilarious. What's not to love? This movie inspired me to dress as Emily for Halloween a few years later, complete with body paint covering most of my body and my hair. It's still one of my favorite Halloween movies to date!

So, when the amazing Jackie approached me about doing a styled Corpse Bride shoot, I responded with a little too much enthusiasm! She had an idea to model with her husband, Clint, as Emily and Victor, complete with black roses, incredible body paint, and a massive underworld-inspired wedding cake.

The shoot was everything I wanted and more. I couldn't believe the talent all of our vendors and how perfectly everything came together. Jackie and Clint were amazing models and I literally lived a dream come true! Please enjoy this gallery as much as I do. Happy Halloween!!

Models: Jackie & Clint Johnson

Body Paint: Jessie Ortega

Styling: Goldie Bones

Cake: Lyman Thyme


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