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Brittney & Duncan | Sand Hollow Bridals | Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

As a creative person, I often struggle with staying creative. Think about it: creativity is like a faucet. When it's turned on, it's ON. Like when I'm in the shower, or on the stationary bike at the gym, or in the last few moments before I fall asleep. But when it's off? It's like trying to drag ideas, kicking and screaming, from the infernal pit. So sometimes you just have to just find a pretty couple, rent a dress, and make your own bouquet with flowers from Albertsons to get your creative juices flowing again. And thank goodness for life hacks like that.

I found Ooh La La Dress Rentals on Facebook, and as luck would have it, Brittney works there, models, AND does hair and makeup! Can you say triple threat? When I found her and her cute husband Duncan I knew they would be incredible models for my "wintergreen" idea. Meaning a shoot with a bouquet of pine and boxwood in the winter (see how creative I was feeling?). Working with models can definitely help with the creativity because sometimes they move or pose in a way that my mind hadn't thought of, which just helps fuel the ideas!

This shoot ended up being completely perfect, even with a ton of people four-wheeling around us, probably wondering what this random bride and groom are doing in their space. But hey, it was great ambiance. And we spent half the time laughing as they drove by to scare the huge number of birds that were parked in the shallows of the reservoir. I'm so glad I got to connect with this amazing couple and get some creative juices flowing!


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