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Amber & Jake | Boulder Creek Golf Course Wedding | Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

With all the free time I've had lately due to a pandemic that shall not be named, I figured it's finally time for me to catch up on a ridiculous backlog of blog posts. The Fall wedding season is always my busiest so I tend to get behind on posting while I'm attending to all my weddings. So here we go!

Amber & Jake's reception was unique in the fact that they were already married! They eloped to the Redwoods in California back in July of 2019, then celebrated with their family and friends in September. It was such a great way to have a beautiful, intimate ceremony but still include those who are most important to you.

Their reception was at the Boulder Creek Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, on one of the windiest days of the year. Luckily for us, the party was inside! This was amazing because there were some amazing handmade decorations and all the guests were able to enjoy them for the entire night.

Both Amber & Jake are huge pop culture fans (after my own heart), so they incorporated this love into their wedding decor. Amber's bouquet and Jake's boutonniere were roses made from comic book pages, the room numbers were paper mache with comic book pages, Amber wore superhero socks, Jake wore a comic book tie, and a small Nightcrawler figure hung out on Amber's bouquet. It was SO COOL. Everyone who attended the reception was invited to wear attire from the Marvel universe and it really just completed the whole look. It made my fangirl heart so happy.

I loved getting to know Amber & Jake and to share in their pop culture love. I'm so happy they chose me as their Las Vegas Wedding Photographer.


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