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Abby & Jake | Zion Engagements | Zion Wedding Photographer

It's not very often that you'll find me awake before the sunrise.

Especially when that means being up at 5:00 AM.

But sometimes a couple comes along and they want to do sunrise photos... in Zion... at the top of the Overlook. And I will DO IT. I may have gone to the wrong hotel to meet them - not once, but TWICE - but we figured it out.

Hiking up to the Zion Overlook with Abby & Jake was an absolute blast. They're adventurers (like I wish I could be) and had NEVER been to Zion before, so I knew they were in for a treat. We saw LITERALLY NO ONE on the way up - because most people aren't starting the hike at 6:30 AM - and it was absolute heaven. Especially since it tends to be one of the busier hikes in the park.

I always love taking photos of cute couples, but this session was special. Something about the scenery, the time of day, and the in-love-ness of Abby & Jake made it one to remember. We climbed all over rocks and froze our butts off until the sun finally showed its face, and it was all so worth it. I'm obsessed with Zion National Park and I'm obsessed with being a Zion Wedding Photographer!


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