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2019 Year in Review | Southern Utah Photographer


Can you even believe that 2019 is already over? I remember being excited for this year because 19 was my number in softball growing up. I always felt like it would be my lucky year. And you know what? It has been a DREAM.

In 2019, I have:

- Shot more weddings in a year than I ever have before

- Shot more total sessions than I ever thought possible (it was 73 if you're wondering)

- Was featured for the first time in a wedding publication

- Worked for myself for an entire calendar year

- Finally got my editing to a place that excites me

- Challenged myself in new ways and improved so many things about my business

These things may seem simple to some, but for me they're huge! I went from working full-time in a creative office job to working for myself in what is quite frankly a dream job of mine. It's just been... well, a dream!

And of course, I wouldn't be where I am today without my absolutely STELLAR clients. Everyone who has trusted me this year has been integral to my growth and I am so beyond grateful.

To celebrate the end of an amazing year, I am of course going to share some photos! I've chosen one of my favorite images from each of my 73 sessions this year to show you all - I hope you all enjoy!


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